Application for Continuing Education Funding

A limited amount of financial support may be available for the continuing education of healthcare professionals working with stroke survivors.

Completion of this form does not guarantee that the applicant will receive funds, nor does it guarantee that if funded all requested expenses will be covered. Funding will be at the discretion of the CRSN.

Education Event Proposals

The CRSN is committed to developing an annual stroke education plan to meet the needs of our stroke system stakeholders.
As a stakeholder in the Champlain stroke system, we welcome you to suggest an event, workshop, or webinar for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2022-23, by filling out the following form with as much detail as possible.

Requests should be based on current stroke best practice recommendations and should be relevant to our region. Submissions will be reviewed and considered by the CRSN team during the annual stroke education planning meeting. 

Thank you for your suggestions!
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